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In this volunteer program, we basically work in 3 different projects. The volunteer is involved in each of these projects, but not in equal proportions. The distribution of tasks depends on the work to be done. This program is therefore very diverse and allows the volunteer to gain an insight into many different sectors of the region.

The volunteer project has already existed for 8 years. However, it has changed in various stages over time as the circumstances here in the region have changed. A major influence was the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the pandemic, schools and educational institutions were closed for almost 2 years. This had a massive negative effect on the children. Although virtual classes were offered in some cases, only a small proportion of the children were able to use them, as there was often no access to technical resources. In addition, the closure of the schools has also worsened the children's nutritional situation. The meal served to the children in the schools is often the only meal they have all day. This means that a full and healthy diet is not guaranteed. A new project was born out of the realization of these problems: "Para los niños del mundo". The focus of this project is to provide a complementary offer for children in the field of education and nutrition.

The "Tejidos vitales" project, which has existed for more than 10 years, has limited its operations due to the new focus. The work is now focused on building capacities for the small producers and brining support to the wayuu indigenous women and artisans by building a school for entrepreneurship and leadership (Yalayalaa Women School).

At the same time, tourism presents itself as an exciting opportunity to introduce guests from all over the world to the projects and the area. Tourists and volunteers can support the local environment and people with their presence and financial contributions.

The work of the volunteers is therefore important in all areas, but the focus is on the new project Para los niños del Mundo.

Project 1: Para los niños del mundo: Education and nutrition

The pedagogical project “For the Children of the World” (“Para los Niños del Mundo”) from the Talento Colectivo, an organization based in Camarones, La Guajira, provides a complementary education in arts and holistic nutrition (body, mind and spirit).
During 2021, we have been able to offer activities and nutritious food to more than 40 Wayuu children on a weekly basis. For 2022, we are working to expand our network of collaborators and donors so that we can include more kids in our programs! including families of Wayuu, Afro Colombian and Mestizo origin as well as Venezuelan immigrants; all in vulnerable conditions.
This will be a multicultural, inclusive children’s center equipped with a library, space for recreational activities, a kitchen where we will prepare nutritious meals, and a children’s orchard.
Our objective is to open a caring learning environment that introduce good nutritional practices in a region of Colombia where the resources are scarce and the access to food is limited.

Project 2: Tejidos vitales: Fair Trade + Women Empowerment

This is a Fair Trade Project working with wayuu indigenous artisans in La Guajira Colombia in an intercultural project and supporting them through women empowerment, Training for work, Guarantee of rights, commercial transparency, and humanity. 

For 11 years we were working with more than 100 women and a few men, indigenous artisans, from the wayuu community, supporting them in a fair trade process. We are working on improving the conditions of commercialization of their unique creations, handmade and handwoven bags and other beautiful pieces. And supporting families and communities in Training for work, product quality and improvement of living conditions. At the moment we are focusing our labor on the training of our team of artisans. We wish to raise awareness to ethical responsibility, commercial sense, business opportunities and many other qualities that prepare the artisans for the future work opportunities. Also, we want to connect them with clients under Fair Trade conditions.

Project 3: Cultural + Responsible Tourism

We´re also creating a new project about culturally responsible tourism.

Background information
We are a family at service of the community, Paula is a colombian journalist, mother and social entrepreneurship who began her work in La Guajira 11 years ago. 

Now, Paula, the Director of this initiative, is working hand by hand with her partner Javier, Wayuu, chef, and in charge of all gastronomic areas and experiences, such as cooking workshops for tourists.

We live in a family environment with Paula, Javier, his nephew, a lot of cats, 3 beautiful dog, and our volunteers, visitors, guests and local artisans and their children who visit and work at the place. So this volunteering is for people who love to share with persons, other cultures, children, and pets! 

Volunteers Requirements

We are a NGO, Non-profit organization, a citizen initiative, a social entrepreneurship, and a familiar social project. In this order, we need a lot of hands and open hearts to spread the idea and improve living conditions for the indigenous artisans, local people and children. Thank you for your interest in our initiative as a volunteer! 

Our volunteers have the opportunity to live in our house, together with the family. There is a separate room in the house for the volunteers, so that everyone's privacy can be maintained. We provide the 3 meals per day, water for drinking, laundry, coffee and tea, and all the services of the house, including wifi. And you only must give some money collaboration for the house in order to have the capacity to attend the complete team. This amount is 12 dollars per day all inclusive. With these collaborations, you are helping us to sustain up our initiative, in a solid way. And you have the opportunity to live a unique and gratefully experience.

The office is located in our house in Camarones, which is the heart of the operation of the project. We need support in the manage and daily organization of our open/multiple space house (home office / fair trade and coffee shop – restaurant / meeting and teaching room. All in one house in service to our project. We work together on all these fronts!

About food, we have a principally Vegetarian diet. We love the kitchen, and to offer healthy and beautiful food. Only the best for our solidarity team. In our house, the meals are the best sharing moments day by day with all the family and friends. 

The volunteer must understand that this project is the fruit of years of work and sacrifice by its founder and family, to the benefit of the Wayuu people, citizens of Camarones and children.

Thus, it is essential for the Foundation to be able to decide on the PROFILES that are needed, at a given moment to follow the development of the project. Please answer the following questions:

  1. Write a motivational letter about your interest in participate, specifying your knowledge of Spanish and English do you have.
  2. Have you visited Colombia before and what knowledge do you have of this country? 
  3. What studies and volunteering or professional experience do you have? 

Volunteers Documents

  • Passport or ID Document 
  • Medical Travel Insurance

Volunteers Work

The volunteer's work depends on the skills, interests and background knowledge available. Most of the work is put into the new project para los niños del mundo. The volunteer can be involved in administrative areas, but also actively in the day-to-day work with children through various activities. The details are described in project 1.

In addition, there will be some work in the project Tejidos vitales and in the interaction with tourists. The details of the activities are described in projects 2 and 3.

*All our volunteers have tasks in the housekeeping, kitchen and general organization of the house.

House Rules

  • Mind your consumption of water, water must be used carefully and not wasted. Follow the indications for saving water.
  • Do not consume drugs nor alcohol inside the house, nor come to the house under the influence of these.
  • No smoking inside the house.
  • Keep the kitchen clean and tidy after you use it. Follow instructions on how to use the kitchen resources.
  • Low volume and respect for all those who live and are staying in the house, including the pets
  • Keep your room in order, and collaborate in the bathroom and social areas cleaning.
  • Please keep a suitable dress for work in an informal office environment, but not beach-style
  • Visto: 2080



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